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Defend our Monuments

Preserving the Will of the People

Our national monuments are a source of pride and recreation


Recently, a Congressman from Utah who has likely never stepped foot in our communities called for doing away with our recently designated national monuments - lands protected and open to the public, regardlesss of race or income. Today, he is actively urging president-elect Donald Trump to do away with many of our nation's federally managed public lands, and has support from many other politicians who would rather sell our lands to the highest bidder instead of having the public enjoy them. Both of these monuments were created with extensive community input from multicultural and multi-faith stakeholders in our communities. It's imperative that we defend and protect the peoples' land for our families and for future generations.

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Organ Mountains desert peaks-national monument

The majority of Cruceños supported, and continue to support, federally managed public lands such as the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument because they're part of our cultural heritage and they're for the enjoyment of all New Mexicans, not just for oil and gas companies, their beneficiaries or the wealthy. That's why we organized to protect the Organ Mountains Desert Peaks National Monument in our own backyard. Our monument contains a rich diversity of Chihuahuan Desert wild lands and unique pre-American, Mexican, Spanish, Native American, New Mexican, and American cultural sites throughout the Organ Mountains and surrounding desert peaks. It's also where Nuestra Tierra youth project participants get to recreate, learn about the history of the region they live in, and enjoy hiking, biking, birding, and many other activities. 


Rio Grande del norte national monument

The Rio Grande del Norte National Monument represents one of the oldest continually habituated landscapes in America. Rio Grande del Norte is visually stunning, is a critically important wildlife habitat, and has played a huge role in shaping in modern day New Mexican culture. The monument is an important part of its surrounding community's traditions and economy. Designated under the Obama Administration, calls to protect this landscape received ovewhelming and unprecedented support. If the monument were to be undone, New Mexicans would be severely impacted - economically, environmentally, culturally, and spiritually.

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