Nuestra Tierra Conservation Project

The Issues We Care About

Social justice, the environment, and public lands


Public lands are our birthright. They belong to every person regardless of race, income, gender, or zip code. Our public lands sustain wildlife, clean air and water, and tell the stories of human habitation. But too many of our communities are left out of the decision-making process of how these lands are managed. Similarly, too many of our communities are left without access to basic outdoor recreation opportunities and experiences in urban and rural areas. A person’s household income should never determine whether they get to enjoy clean air, water, and the outdoors.

To enjoy the outdoors and pass on outdoor traditions to the next generation, we must protect Nuestra Tierra. That is why we are steadfast in our belief that public lands conservation and mitigating the environmental impacts from development in our communities should be prioritized. We believe the best people to protect these places and natural resources are the people who live there. That’s why our organizing principles are led by people power and local communities.

These are some of the things we’re working on:


Telling our own story

Hunting & Fishing

The Outdoor Equity Fund

Stopping the Border Wall

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Public Lands & Waters