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Wilderness First Aid Training


Whether you’re new to the outdoors or an experienced user, Wilderness First Aid certification will help build your outdoor skills and ensure that you’re ready for any situation on the trail, in the backcountry, or a local park.

In this 2-day course taught by Solo Wilderness Medicine, you’ll learn how to assess a variety of different emergency situations and learn a system that can help you make the right decisions during a critical time.

These classes are usually offered at rates of $250 or more, which make them cost-prohibitive for many people in New Mexico who could benefit from these important skills. Nuestra TIerra & Friends of OMDP have been able to secure a deeply discounted rate to help build the next generation of outdoor leaders and mentors in Las Cruces and the surrounding areas. Cost to attend is $125, with spots limited to 24.

Successful completion will result in a WIlderness First Aid Certification.