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White's Peak


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The stakes are high for Hispanic communities in northern New Mexico who, hike, camp, explore, and hunt White's Peak.

For many years, a private, wealthy landowner has sought to close public access to White's Peak, a spectacular place that New Mexicans have enjoyed for hundreds of years.

If this wealthy landowner succeeds, New Mexicans and traditional Hispanic communities will be locked out of this beautiful high country that has been part of our Hispanic heritage for many generations.

This week, the New Mexico Attorney General's Office and Mora County are fighting back to keep this miportant wild area open to the public. They are carrying forth the fight to keep White's Peak public that was started by Ed Olona decades ago.

The trial to save access to White's Peak is happening NOW, and we urge you to show your support and stand with the Hispanic communities of Mora County and throughout New Mexico.

Sign your name today to show that you stand with Hispanic communities and that you support keeping public access to White's Peak, "The Yellowstone of Northern New Mexico."

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 Max Trujillo

Max Trujillo