La tierra es sagrada.


Welcome to Nuestra Tierra

New Mexico is a place like no other. Our landscapes and people represent an oasis of authentic, land-based culture with direct and unbroken generational ties going back thousands of years. The value of our land and our culture cannot be measured in profit, nor can it be written in one history book. Our roots are many - our people are multicultural, multinational, and multilingual - and our public lands set the stage for the stories of our past and our future. This is Nuestra Tierra.

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Conserving our land and culture

In New Mexico and throughout the Southwest, we are blessed with a rich and diverse tapestry of history, culture and tradition that comes to life in the people and landscapes we call home. We are all owners  —  and keepers  —  of this unique and rugged place. A place that’s home to our families and our collective history.

The Nuestra Tierra Conservation Project was created to help protect our land and cultural history and to spur the next generation of conservation leaders across borders. We focus on the issues and history important to Hispanic youth, underserved youth, and their families, with an emphasis on creating fun, meaningful, and impactful outdoor experiences to create new stewards of our public lands. We believe firmly that conservation is not an environmental issue, but an issue of social justice. Regardless of race, income, neighborhood, or gender - America's public lands belong to all of us, not just a select few.

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The Nuestra Tierra Podcast launches soon and will feature diverse guests from New Mexico and around the country, as well as Mexico, all of whom in some way have shown leadership or commitment to move forward the legacy of Hispanic conservation. Some of the shows will be recorded in Spanish. We're interested in learning more about what other organizations, youth, and community and political leaders are doing around the country to ensure that Hispanic youth and their families have the opportunities to experience the outdoors - whether it be fishing, hunting, camping, birding, kayaking, hiking, or any other outdoor activity. Our Podcast will be produced twice monthly - we will post new episodes here, as well as on our Apple Podcast subscription page. Thanks for tuning in!

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