Outdoor F.U.T.U.R.E

The OUTDOOR F.U.T.U.R.E. Initiative is a piece of national legislation that will establish a national equity Fund for Underrepresented, Tribal, Urban, & Rural Equity. Alongside the leadership and support from Senator Heinrich of New Mexico (D-NM), Nuestra Tierra is currently drafting this policy in order to ensure that low-income/youth of color have access and opportunities to experience the great outdoors.


America The Beautiful Coalition

As part of the America the Beautiful For All Coalition, Nuestra Tierra is committed to advancing President Biden’s 30X30 Initiative that aims to protect 30 percent of the U.S. lands and waters by 2030.  The coalition’s Justice40 goal aims to make sure that at least 40 percent of the 30x30 initiative investments directly benefit diverse communities of color. As a floor and not a ceiling, this goal is strives to make sure that the largest conservation goal in U.S. history addresses racial and economic inequity as well.


Youth Outdoor Policy Playbook

The Youth Outdoor Policy Playbook highlights successful bipartisan policy initiatives and provides resources to support new statewide efforts to build healthy communities by increasing kids' regular, positive experiences outside through environmental education and youth engagement in the outdoors.

David Soules Conservation Memorial Scholarship

In honor of David Soules' legacy in conservation, Nuestra Tierra invites current New Mexico State University students who are pursuing a conservation related field of study to apply.

This includes (but is not limited to) the following degrees: Biology, Botany, Geography and Environmental Studies, Fish and Wildlife Conservation Ecology, Landscape/Conservation Ecology, Agriculture, and Environmental Education, etc. We strongly encourage and will prioritize applications from students who identify as low-income, first-generation, and/or BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color). 

La Mancha Wetlands Restoration Project

In 2010, the Southwest Environmental Center (SWEC) began the La Mancha Restoration Project after years of advocacy to secure state funding and land access along the Rio Grande. The goal was to restore wildlife habitat, especially for fish suffering due to agricultural water diversion. When the irrigation season ends and the Rio Grande runs dry in southern New Mexico, fish have no refuge. SWEC purchased a small property and started digging a pond, only to discover it was a concrete dump site. Over a decade, community efforts transformed La Mancha into a sanctuary for countless species, including birds, bats, fish, and humans. In 2022, SWEC passed the stewardship to Nuestra Tierra, who now manage this vital project.


Castner Range is home to 6,672 acres of West Texas beauty and has historical significance that dates back thousands of years. It tells the story of how our region became the world’s largest binational community. Now it is permanently protected as a monument.

New Mexico Outdoor Equity Fund

Nuestra Tierra spearheaded the creation of the New Mexico Outdoor Equity Fund (OEF), which first launched in 2020 and continues today. This state-level grant funding helps organizations that are serving underserved youth and their families access more educational and enrichment opportunities in public lands, state parks and other outdoor spaces near their homes.

A track record of state and regional success has allowed Nuestra Tierra to scale up to our current national campaigns.


David Soules Conservation Memorial Scholarship

La ManchaWetlands Restoration Project

Castner Range National Monument

New Mexico Outdoor Equity Fund

Chaco Canyon Public Comment Campaign

Vamos A Pescar Deming Free Fishing Day